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Leila Kotori

Actor | Author | Producer


New Release

Power Born: The Alliance

One is Captured

The other on the run

And a Dark King that will stop at nothing to have them both

Now I have all the power


Rae has suffered a fate far worse than death. Tortured in the dank confines of the Dark King’s dungeon she must rely on the one person she hates to keep her sanity, Nix. Making a bargain with the enemy may be her one shot at keeping them alive and out of the monstrous pit.

Sky works desperately to find a way to save her sister even if it means embracing her dark side. With help of the wickedly sexy Theo, they work to uncover answers to the source of her power and what the Dark King’s true motives are. The only distraction is their intense bond. He’s the enemy’s son. She shouldn’t want him but she does.

With their hometown taken hostage, the world on the cusp of invasion, and enemies within, nothing is certain, least of all their survival.

Immerse yourself in this breathless second installment of the Power Born series

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Really enjoyed the first book and eagerly waited for the second. Great follow up and continuation of the story. Now looking forward to Leila’s next book.

L. Groves - Amazon


This is without question one of the best books I have read. It keeps you glued to every page. It is well written, full of excitement from the first few pages. I couldn’t put this book down. I think this is a awesome peace of fiction/fantasy and is well worth the read.

M.A. Marfleet - Amazon

A plot packed full of twists and turns but skillful writing by the author guides the reader through the intricate story of secret agencies, from this world and beyond, keeping you on the edge of your seat and hungry for more! Can't recommend enough! 

Joy - Amazon


About Leila Kotori

Leila Kotori has worked in the entertainment industry as an actor and writer for over a decade, but she has always had a passion for books. Shadows and light is the first book of the Powerborn series and combines Leila's favourite aspects from the paranormal/fantasy genre.

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