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New Release

Power Born: The Alliance

One is Captured

The other on the run

And a Dark King that will stop at nothing to have them both


Now I have all the power



Rae has suffered a fate far worse than death. Tortured in the dank confines of the Dark King’s dungeon she must rely on the one person she hates to keep her sanity, Nix. Making a bargain with the enemy may be her one shot at keeping them alive and out of the monstrous pit. 


Sky works desperately to find a way to save her sister even if it means embracing her dark side. With help of the wickedly sexy Theo, they work to uncover answers to the source of her power and what the Dark King’s true motives are. The only distraction is their intense bond. He’s the enemy’s son. She shouldn’t want him but she does.


With their hometown taken hostage, the world on the cusp of invasion, and enemies within, nothing is certain, least of all their survival.


Immerse yourself in this breathless second installment of the Power Born series

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New Release

Power Born: Shadows & Light (2020)

Two Sisters

Same Dream

And a darkness that threatens to destroy everything


Are you ready to die?


Are you?




Rae and Sky have been living in a constant state of grief following the brutal murder of their Father. It does not help that every night they are tormented by a nightmare that is starting to unravel their fragile state of mind. 


And then the attacks start and their world turns upside down.


Plunged into the middle of a war that has raged for countless millennia, they are forced to face dangers they never imagined and embrace the unbridled power that has awoken within them. A primal power that has the ability to save the world or destroy it. 


As the bodies pile up they are given little choice but to accept help from STAR, a mysterious agency that seeks to protect the world from the Shades, an ancient and evil race. But not everyone within the agency has their best interest at heart, not knowing who they can trust will land them in more peril.


Help is also there in the form of a tall, dark, sinfully handsome stranger; Theo. But he may also be harboring a terrible secret.


Two things are clear, they must evade capture and learn to harness their powers.


 The future is uncertain but the bond of sisterhood cannot be broken…or can it?


Shadows and Light is book One of The Power Born series, a contemporary paranormal-fantasy featuring slow-burn romance, intrigue, dark secrets and deadly creatures.

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