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PowerBorn: The Alliance

With Rae captured in literal hell, a fate much worse than death, Sky works desperately to save her sister no matter the cost even if it means embracing her dark side. With help of the wickedly sexy Theo they work to uncover answers to the source of her power and what Aarions true motives are. The only distraction is their intense bond; can Sky and Theo resist the romance blossoming between them! Better yet can Sky trust this son of a mad man, afterall he was born of the Dark.

Meanwhile Rhonda and Danny try to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives, whilst attempting to save a town they care for, and preventing an invasion. Nothing is certain, least of all their survival.

The enemies are within and no one knows who can truly be trusted, an alliance has formed and it’s not for the good of mankind.

Rock bottom may only be the beginning, the deeper they plummet the more hellish their nightmare appears.

Immerse yourself in this breathless second installment of the PowerBorn series.

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New Release

PowerBorn: Shadows & Light (2020)

Sisters Rae and Sky have suffered great loss after their father was murdered three years ago. But their lives are soon torn apart once again when the attacks start, as if they are magnets for death and destruction. What they thought they knew is nothing but lies. Not knowing who they can trust could land them in more peril. With forces beyond this world out to capture them, they are given little choice but to accept help from the shady secret agency STAR. Under its care, the sisters learn who they really are but as they embark on a journey into the unknown, can they believe all they’re told? The sisters must try to figure out the web of lies before it is too late. Help is there in the form of a mysterious and alluring man; Theo. But like everyone else in their life, is he also hiding a dark secret? And where exactly does he come from? The future is uncertain, only one thing they do know is that the bond of sisterhood cannot be broken. Nothing can come between them… or can it?

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